Why Haloo?

We believe every business deserves access to the same legal protection.

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Filing a trademark application can be complicated and expensive. Trademark lawyers can charge thousands of dollars. But owning your brand name, logo and tagline can mean the difference between failure and success.

85% of small businesses deal with trademark infringement issues. More than half of those businesses are forced to re-brand, which all too often means having to close completely.

Many of these businesses believed they couldn’t afford the valuable legal services needed to protect their livelihoods — today they can.

An Extremely Powerful Trademark Search Tool

  • Our powerful AI conflict search finds out if your trademark is available and flags any legal problems
  • It works through an exhaustive list of legal checks that typically takes a lawyer a week, in just over one minute
  • This sets you up for success and is much more comprehensive than using the USPTO trademark search
USPTO Trademark Search
Government trademark search
Incorrect Results

Wrongly gives a positive result when the application will later be refused by the USPTO examiner.

Haloo Trademark Search
Haloo trademark search
Accurate Results

Gives peace of mind that the result is accurate and consistent with the final decision by the USPTO examiner.

Dwayne Washington

"When the opportunity arose for us to do a cross-promotion with Nike, we were thrilled! We used Haloo to get our brand names and logos registered quickly so that we could build a great partnership while feeling protected."

Dwayne Washington

CEO/Founder Nike Uplay

Harry Govind

"We used Haloo to register our trademarks to meet retailer requirements and access Amazon’s Brand Registry. The process was simple and now, we have opened up new channels to accelerate our growth."

Harry Govind


Ann Poochareon

"Before we spent $150K on branding and product development, we wanted to ensure our trademarks were registered. Haloo made the process easy and now we have total peace of mind knowing we’re fully protected."

Ann Poochareon

Co-Founder Little Robot Friends

What Sets Haloo Apart

Law FirmBudget ServicesHaloo
Instant deep-dive search
AI compliance check
Drag & drop filing
Optional expert assistance
Real USPTO examiners
First trademark cost$2000$399$249
Additional trademark cost$2000$399$99
Time to fileWeeksDaysMinutes
Buy Now, Pay Later
Time to Amazon Brand RegistryWeeksDaysMinutes

Our Values


Haloo develops its products, serves its clients, and hires its employees with an understanding that society has not given equal access to everyone, and that change must be an active choice, made every day.


Important processes, services, and protections have traditionally been gate-kept either by prohibitive cost, oblique systems, or societal elements like structural racism or classism. Haloo’s work is to create affordable, simple, easy-to-find resources for entrepreneurs.


For Haloo, operating with intelligence means creating simple, effective, thoughtful and deeply logical business tools that put all entrepreneurs on a level playing field.

Our Mission

Be steadfast partners in small business success; break the barriers that prevent everyone from participating in the economy.

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