Our Mission

Be steadfast partners in small business success; break the barriers that prevent everyone from participating in the economy.


Haloo develops its products, serves its users, and hires its employees with an understanding that society has not given equal access to everyone, and that change must be an active choice, made every day.


Important processes, services, and protections have traditionally been gate-kept either by prohibitive cost, oblique systems, or societal elements like structural racism or classism. Haloo’s work is to create affordable, simple, easy-to-find resources for entrepreneurs.


For Haloo, operating with knowledge means creating simple, effective, thoughtful and deeply logical business tools that put all entrepreneurs on a level playing field.

Faster, cheaper, better than an attorney.

We’re not kidding. Our team is made up of top minds in AI, former USPTO examiners (the people who govern the rules for trademarking), intellectual property attorneys and registered trademark agents with many decades of shared experience.

USPTO Trademark Search
Government trademark search
Inaccurate Results

Wrongly gives a positive result when the application will later be refused by the government examiner.

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Haloo Trademark Search
Haloo trademark search
Accurate Results

Gives peace of mind that the result is accurate and consistent with the final decision by the government examiner.