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Own your brand with Haloo, built by lawyers to make trademarking easy and affordable for everyone.

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There are a lot of scams out there. Haloo isn’t one of them. We’re the only brand protection technology built by lawyers to be easy, affordable, and meet all USPTO requirements. How do we do it?

  1. Our instant trademark search flags conflicts and legal issues before you spend any money
  2. Our failsafe self-serve platform prevents errors in your trademark application

What would take a lawyer two weeks and cost $2-4k, we do in under 10 minutes for $249.

How to Protect Your Brand

Decide What to Trademark

Will it be a name, logo, tagline, or all of the above?

Run a Pre-check

Do a pre-check search to see if your trademark is available, or if it conflicts with an existing trademark.

Create Application

Choose products and services you will offer under your trademark.

Click to Submit

Pay government fees and file yourself or we will for you. Sign up for infringement alerts (optional).

Launch Your Brand

Start using your trademark immediately with the ™ mark. If you want to sell on Amazon, apply to their Brand Registry. Once registered use the ® mark.

What's a Brand?

A trademark is generally a word, design, or phrase that identifies a company or person that provides a good or service. A design trademark may sometimes be referred to as a logo and a phrase trademark may also be called a slogan or a tagline. People register their brand’s name, logo and tagline as a way to make sure they own and can protect the core components of their brand. Each component is considered its own trademark.

A brand identity consists of three components that can be registered: Name, Logo and Tagline.

Rachael, an attorney and former USPTO trademark examiner, explains how important it is to own and protect your brand.

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Elena’s trademark story
Protection from counterfeit.

As an established clothing brand, counterfeit products can happen, and affect the integrity of my business. By registering my trademarks at the USPTO, I was able to request that the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) detain, seize, forfeit, and destroy the products of knockoff brands sneaking in and trying to take my sales.

Being the sole owner of a US trademark registration demonstrates that I am the legitimate holder of the rights in the United States, rather than another counterfeiter myself! It is also a CBP requirement.


Why choose Haloo?

We really want to help your business succeed. We believe every business big or small, deserves access to the same protections and tools.



Applying for a trademark can be expensive and complicated. With Haloo, you can take the lead yourself, or choose to have our legal experts help you along the way.



Our team is made up of top minds in AI, former USPTO examiners (the people who govern the rules for trademarking), intellectual property lawyers and registered trademark agents with many decades of shared experience.

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Haloo’s search tool returns reliable results in just over a minute, and in much higher detail than a standard USPTO search, and you’ll have your fully compliant application in about 10 minutes.

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