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Trademarks without question marks.

Built by attorneys, Haloo’s self-service tools make trademarking easy and affordable for everyone.

A Black woman and Black man smiling in front of a bar.

Own your brand, protect your business

Trademarks are essential. Now with Haloo, they’re also easy to do yourself.


Self-representing with Haloo's professional tools will save thousands on attorneys

Quick Turnaround

Don’t wait days when Haloo takes minutes to use

Fewer Errors

1 in 5 trademark applications get rejected, Haloo’s AI eliminates human error


Anybody can use our tool to produce attorney quality searches and applications, no legal expertise needed.

Use Haloo’s AI to register a trademark yourself

Don’t pay thousands of dollars for an attorney, Haloo’s AI was built with Google and USPTO examiners to offer an attorney quality self service tools reflecting up-to-date trademark laws and practices.

A trademark search can take an attorney a week. Haloo takes 58 seconds.






Not inherently distinctive



Prohibited marks



Scandalous, obscene or immoral



Suggests a false connection with someone



Easy and intuitive

Our AI is compliant, thorough, and by-the-book. Even if you’ve never filed a trademark application before, Haloo will produce flawless searches and applications, ready for you to file in just minutes.

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Trademarks have gone digital. Finally.

Law FirmBudget ServicesHaloo
Instant professional searchyes
USPTO compliance guaranteeyes
Backed by real USPTO examinersyes
First trademark cost$2000.00$169.00$99.00
Additional trademark cost$2000.00$169.00$49.00
Time to fileWeeksDaysMinutes
Buy Now, Pay Lateryes
Time to Amazon Brand RegistryWeeksDaysMinutes