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Fast-track Amazon Brand Registry with Haloo and gain access to advanced seller features like product listings, advertising campaigns, and more in as little as a few days.

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Build a brand you can truly own

Protect what you've invested

Small business owners spend on average $40K in their first year. That's not even accounting for the sleepless nights.

Set your brand up for success

Trademarks allow you to build brand equity, sell through distributors, and more. Trademarked companies tend to outperform those that aren't.

Run a thorough search

We make sure your brand can be legally protected with a comprehensive, AI-powered search engine built by attorneys.

Save your money and your time

With Haloo, you can avoid costly attorneys' fees and potential human errors. Plus, you get results back in under a minute.

“We saw so many small-business owners lose everything overnight because they had not registered a trademark. That’s why we have a passion for these protections and why we started Haloo.”

Julie MacDonell

CEO and Co-Founder, Haloo

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Everything you need to be ready to file for $149

Save thousands in legal fees, with results in minutes

Trademark Search Report

Includes full, professional-quality search report ($2000 value)

Thoroughly verifies whether other companies are using your name, or legally infringing similar names

Flags identical trademarks, spelling variations, sound-alikes, translations of trademarks protected in other languages

Shows you personalized domains and social handle availability

Ready-to-file Application

Includes free, USPTO-compliant application you can file ($500 value)

Identifies the proper product/service categories and Nice classes

Removes all-too-common errors from your application

Provides step-by-step instructions for filing your application

Breaks down the costs associated so there are no surprises

We're here if you need a hand

Doing it yourself doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. If your search for a trademark shows that it's available, a member of our team can guide you through the filing process, step by step, for a $49 fee.

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Companies with registered trademarks perform better and earn up to 20% more revenue. Why not give your small business a chance to be big?