Why Trademark?

Everything you need to know about trademarks and the application process.

Why do I need a trademark?

Without a trademark, you may not legally own your brand; someone else could use your brand for their own business and it would be difficult for you to prevent or stop it. What’s more, you might be accidentally using someone else’s brand!

In fact, 85% of North American brands experience trademark infringement; more than half are forced to give up their brand – changing their website URLs, social media handles, branded products, and store signage. Many of these businesses believed they didn’t need to register a trademark. (Source: CompuMark 2020)

Rachael, an attorney and former USPTO trademark examiner, helps you to understand why you need to register your trademarks to protect your business.

Name, logo, tagline... What's the difference?

Apple TM

Name Trademark

The company name “Apple” is its own trademark.

Cocacola TM

Name Trademark

The company name, “Coca-Cola” is different from the logo trademark.

Logo Trademark

Coca-Cola has their Brand name stylized as a design trademark, with no other symbols or pictures.

Nike TM

Name Trademark

The company name, “Nike” is trademarked and is different from the logo trademark.

Logo Trademark

Nike uses its name and a symbol, which is another trademark.

Tagline Trademark

The famous “Just Do It” tagline is their third trademark.

Why do I need to register my trademark?

Trademarks protect you from competitors and infringers; they also protect you from accidentally infringing on someone else’s trademark. There are many reasons to trademark - not only does it protect you from infringement and safeguard your investment in your business, it can open new sales channels and increase your revenue!

Register trademarks if you want to:

  • Own your domain
  • Own your social handles
  • Expand your business
  • Franchise
  • Enter into partnerships
  • Sell on Amazon
  • Sell at retail
  • Sign on with a distributor

Trademarking by the numbers:

  • 20% more revenue earned by businesses who own trademarks
  • 350% surge in IP infringing activity in 2020
  • $50k - $250k avg. cost of trademark infringement litigation
  • $32,000 avg. cost of starting a retail business
  • $125,000 avg. cost of starting a food business
  • $5,000 avg. cost of starting an e-commerce business

How to Apply for a Trademark

Choose Your Trademarks

Does your brand consist of a name, logo, tagline, product names?

Run a Search

A search determines if your trademark is already in use, and if your application to register will be successful.

Draft Application

Decide which products and services you will sell with your trademark.

Submit Application

File your application with the USPTO. You will need to pay USPTO fees.

Use Your Trademark

Once your application is submitted, you can use your trademark with the ™ symbol. You can also sign up for Amazon Brand Registry.

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How it Works with Haloo


Start by finding out if your trademark is available.

Our proprietary technology will find out the likelihood of your application’s success with our AI based conflict and registrability search tool.


Build and file a failsafe application.

You answer a few simple questions, and our online builder creates a trademark application that meets all USPTO standards. Our technology can do this at a fraction of the time and cost of a lawyer.


Launch your brand and start your business.

Once your application is filed, start using your trademark immediately with ™ mark. If you want to sell on Amazon, apply to their Brand Registry.

Important: Fees Involved with Trademarking

Haloo starts from $249, and it’s a simple, do-it-yourself process. Or, you can spend a bit more and get guidance from our team starting at $499.

The USPTO filing fees cost either $250 or $350 for each unique product/service class. These filing fees are paid directly to the USPTO upon filing your trademark application and are not included in our service fees.

How Trademarks Work

Brand identity

A brand identity consists of three components that can be registered: Name, Logo and Tagline.


Each component requires a separate application.

Multi application

At Haloo, when more than one application is filed at the same time (e.g., Name and Logo), you are eligible for a discounted rate.

Do It Yourself

You’ll get your complete trademark search results and a perfectly-written application that’s ready to file, fast.

  • Step by step, easy to follow process for searching and filing your trademark
  • Professional-quality application, ready to file in about 10 minutes
  • We’ll save your information as you go, so it’s even faster to file additional trademarks at a discounted rate

from $249*

With Expert Help

All the accuracy of our do-it-yourself AI technology, plus the help of a Haloo expert to guide you along the way.

  • Professional-quality application, ready to file in 5-7 days
  • Haloo expert available to answer any questions by phone or email
  • Discounts on additional trademarks

from $499*

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Haloo compare to a lawyer?

We really want to help your business succeed. Haloo believes every business big or small, deserves access to the same protections. Our tools are backed by former USPTO examiners (the people who govern the rules for trademarking), top intellectual property lawyers and registered trademark agents with many decades of shared experience.

I’m on a budget - how do I choose which trademarks to protect?

Starting a business is expensive – we get it - so if you can only afford to register one component of your brand, we recommend protecting your name before protecting your logo or tagline. But keep in mind that when more than one application is ordered at the same time (for example: Name + Logo) you get a discount.

What do most people choose - DIY or Expert Help?

Do it yourself is what works best for most people – our tools are built to guide you step by step, with super easy to follow instructions on how to prepare a legally-cleared, perfectly-written application. You can always upgrade along the way for more hands-on help from an expert.

You’ll get your complete trademark search results and file with the trademarks office in 5-10 minutes! We’ll save your information as you go, so it’s even faster to check for additional trademarks for only $99 each.