Run a pre-check in 3 simple steps.

It’s best to see if your brand is available before spending any money.

Why start with a pre-check?

Before you place your order, it’s best to run a quick pre-check for your trademark. Our pre-check will tell you if your name, logo, or tagline is already taken by someone else and flag any other obvious legal issues, giving you a good idea of whether your trademark will be approved by the USPTO.

Don’t worry, we’ll help you refine this information before you actually apply. The pre-check is just the first step of Haloo’s easy process.

Step 1: Which type of trademark would you like to check for availability?


What is a name?

Nike name

A name trademark can be your company or brand name, or it can be the name of a product - one or more words without graphic elements. For example, the name Nike is registered to protect Nike Inc.’s corporate identity as a brand name.


What is a Logo?

Nike logo

A logo is a type of trademark that is a visual design with or without words. For example, the Nike logo is a graphic registered as a trademark to allow consumers to recognize Nike products (e.g., running shoes, clothing).


What is a Tagline?

Nike tagline

A tagline is a phrase or combination of words, without graphic elements. For example, the Nike ‘Just Do It’ tagline is a coined phrase used in a unique way by Nike to advertise its products and services.

Step 2: What industries or categories apply to your business?

Scroll to find your industry or try searching related terms, e.g., 'personal care' covers cosmetics; 'financial' covers 'accounting'.

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Rachael, an attorney and former USPTO trademark examiner, explains why running a pre-check for your trademark is important.

Step 3: What Products & Services will you offer?

Be detailed, e.g., 'high definition televisions' rather than 'electronics', and choose as many as apply.

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How to choose Products & Services

Be as detailed as possible - here are some examples: 'sleeping bags and tents' rather than 'camping'; 'womens athletic clothing' rather than 'apparel'; 'software using artificial intelligence for banking' rather than 'AI'. You may have to scroll to find the right description and you may also need to try alternate search terms, like 'restaurant' instead of 'diner'. Our tool contains every possible product and service, which means there are a lot of descriptions to pick from! The more detailed your search query, the quicker you’ll find the right description.