Say Haloo to the first truly end-to-end brand solution.

Empowering enterprises to search and file exemplary trademark applications - and defend them - affordably and efficiently.

Marketing and legal teams at large companies are continuously ideating new brand and product names, new logos and taglines, and advertising campaign slogans. But the process of vetting and protecting these trademarks is expensive, slow and error-prone.

Avg. legal fees: $2,000 - $4,000

Weeks of labor and months of waiting

1 in 5 trademark applications are rejected due to lawyer errors; 80% of self-filed applications fail

350% surge in IP Infringing activity in 2020 increasing burden on legal teams

Haloo’s enterprise SaaS enables in-house marketing and legal teams to reduce the cost and slow turnaround of external legal, and automate “whack-a-mole” of infringement.

60-second lawyer-quality searches can be run by marketing teams

AI returns both conflict and registrability results, flagging any legal issues

Fail-safe trademark application builder can be used by non-lawyer staff

Automated brand enforcement, including takedowns and C&D letters

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Instant deep-dive search
AI compliance check
Drag & drop filing
Optional expert assistance
Real USPTO examiners
Cost per trademark $249$2000
Time to fileMinutesWeeks
Time to Amazon Brand RegistryMinutesWeeks

Built in consultation with Google and former USPTO examiners, our one-of-a-kind self-serve platform is continuously updated to reflect changes to trademark law and practice: it is much easier to update a single technology than it is to update thousands of human lawyers.

The result? Haloo performs better than the best lawyer... at a fraction of the cost.

Our AI search tool weeds out low prospect applications by frankly assessing each mark’s likelihood of confusion with rior-filed applications, descriptiveness, misdescriptiveness, and conformity with other substantive standards.

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is unlikely to successfully trademark

Conflict - Confusion

In order for a trademark to successfully register in the United States, it must be sufficiently different from exostomg trademark applications and registrations offered with similar or related products/services. This is because the purpose of a trademark is to distinguish the trademark owner's products/services from those of others.

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Boy Scouts

is unlikely to successfully trademark

Conflict - Statutorily Protected Marks

Certain words and designs cannot be registered as trademarks in the United States. These are workds that are owned by official entities or that have protection under other legislation

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is unlikely to successfully trademark

Conflict - Names

A trademark may face additional hurdles or be refused if it includes a surnamce or full name.

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is unlikely to successfully trademark

Conflict - Merely Descriptive

It looks like your trademark is only made up of words that provide descriptive information about your product/services.

Our online tools also provide professionally written applications crafted using USPTO approved identifications and designed to meet all statutory requirements on the first examination. Additionally, our detailed tutorials and explanatory videos will help non-lawyer staff meet the USPTO’s exacting standards for authentic specimens of use.

section of a sample application filed

Actual application filed by top-ranked trademark law firm (World Trademark Review) - the lawyer similarly missed an important change to identifications.

section of a sample application filed

Actual application filed by top-ranked trademark law firm (World Trademark Review) - the lawyer missed a rather important computer software identification requirement change made back in 2019.